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Celestine Publishing’ was established in 1996 with its first release of the Principles with Promise series.  Most publications are principle-centered and are currently the works of Latter-day Saint Author and Publisher Vinny DiGirolamo.  There is a mix of fiction, non-fiction, philosophical writings and reference books available on this site.  All of Celestine’s publications are designed to educate, uplift, motivate and increase our knowledge of God.  There’s something here for everyone.


This NEW EDITION of Grace Divine presents new thinking and perspectives on grace for Latter-day Saints, Catholics and the rest of the Christian world. We are indeed saved by grace, but what is it, how are we saved by it, and how does it effect my life?

Why Things Are The Way They Are?

Why Things Are The Way They Are?

Why Things Are The Way They Are is written for avid students of the scriptures and unveils more than thirty years of focused research with never before published perspectives and a process for discovering our own understanding of eternal truths

Principles with Promise

Principles with Promise: For Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Second Edition)

Principles with Promise is a new kind of scriptural concordance or topical guide for Latter-day Saints, Catholics and the rest of the Christian world.  Catalogues more than 4,000 LDS principles, 2,500 Catholic principles and 2,000 Old and New Testament principles.

The 99th Match

The 99th Match

Wrestling is God’s favorite sport.  Ask anyone what they’re wrestling with today.  The 99th Match is based on a true story packed with simple but powerful, life changing perspectives for everyone facing adversity, personal trials, addictions, tragedy – you name it, the principles presented here apply.  Motivational!

On Common Ground

On Common Ground introduces a new approach to help bridge what has been termed a divide between Later-day Saint and Christian beliefs.  When it comes right down to it, the world believes in most of what Latter-day Saints teach.  Check it out!

Principles with Promise: Especially for Catholics

A Principle-centered Topical Guide for Catholics and anyone interested in knowing what their scriptures contain. Over 2,500 principles have been catalogued under 2,000 topics.  Includes more than 400 principles from seven deuterocanonical books Catholics include in their Bible.

Gods Many & the Lineage of Saviors

Gods Many & the Lineage of Saviors

This work introduces a new author, Chase Landing, who describes a perspective changing theory on the creation of our world and other topics like the plurality of Gods and a lineage of Saviors that is bound to challenge your beliefs.  Landing revisits the infamous and controversial “King Follett Discourse” with non-traditional thinking on multiple topics – Do you dare?

the ninety and nine – a christmas story

the ninety and nine: a christmas story

“the ninety and nine” is more than a Christmas story – It’s a fictional account of Christ’s visit to a prison during his ministry as he walked the streets of Palestine. It is a Christmas Story, not in the traditional sense, but in every sense.  Good read year-round.

The Return of Enoch

The Return of Enoch


An archeological find with astronomical consequences. An errant asteroid threatening global annihilation. A race against time and prophecy to save humanity.    This is one thriller the world needs to read.

The Ways of the Lord: God's Character, Perfections, and Attributes VOL I

COMING SOON “The Ways of the Lord” is a two volume series designed to help us better understand God’s character, roles and the tools He uses to perfect His children – you and me. This is a labor of love as one can imagine.

The Island of Know

The Island of Know

The Island of Know is a short story allegory that illustrates why people believe the way that they do.  Fall in love with the characters, feel their dilemma and enjoy the journey.  The goal is to have you wanting to KNOW more!

He Delivered Even Me, He Will Deliver Even You

OCD, anxiety, depression, family dysfunction, and control abuse were the heavy weighted words that once dominated Misti’s life. Through the Grace and Atonement of Jesus Christ she has been fully healed and freed from those heavy chains.  Through her story others can attain the hope in Christ that they need to not only battle or cope but to overcome and heal.

12 Steps: Daily Reflections & Personal Journal

12 Steps: Daily Reflections & Personal Journal

12 Steps: Daily Reflections & Personal Journal is a supplemental companion to the Addiction Recovery Program Guide published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The principles are universal for all faiths and people with addiction challenges.

Combating Pornography: Messages of Warning, Counsel, and Hope

This publication catalogs approximately one thousand principles in a topical guide arrangement familiar to Latter-day Saints. Useful principles for families, churches and counselors.

Pentagon THINK: Doing Business with the DoD

Pentagon THINK: Doing Business with the DoD

To do business with, at or for the Pentagon you must understand the environment, the politics, the strategies, the challenges, the people, the money and the opportunities to make that significant difference.  Here are some of the tools you need to make that difference.

Always Something: One Dad's Ramblings on Raising Children in Today's, Hi-Tech, Troubled World

COMING SOON!  I just can’t stop rambling. I was going to use a different word than ‘troubled’ world, but I wanted to keep it rated “R.”  This book covers 42 IMPORTANT topics that I believe parents MUST to be aware of while trying to raise children in this upside down world of ours.  STAY TUNED!

Principles with Promise: Old and New Testament

This Principle-centered Topical Guide catalogues more than 2,000 Biblical principles from both the Old and New Testaments under 2,000 topics. A must have for the avid Christian researcher.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, Didn't & Do

A WORK IN PROGRESS!  So little time, so many things to Do.  That’s the dilemma we all face isn’t it. This book will be a fun read and should be taught in schools, colleges and the work place – that’s if I can get it done with all of the other COMING SOON books on this site.  Cheers!

Three Words: The Only Difference Between Latter-day Saint Beliefs and the Rest of the Chirstian World

There are only THREE words that distinguish Latter-day Saint beliefs from those of all other Christian religions.  In fact, there are only THREE words that distinguish Latter-day Saint beliefs form ALL other religions. You will find yourself agreeing with the principles found in THREE WORDS regardless of what you believe in.

hCGxyz Weight Loss Program

COMING SOON!  Not just any book on the acclaimed hCG diet will do. This one gives you the XYZ of how to transition from the hCG diet to a more balanced life while keeping the weight off and remaining healthy.  Check out the author’s personal experience and success with hCG, but more particularly with the XYZ!

All of Celestine Publishing’s publications are principle-centered and are the works of its author/publisher Vinny DiGirolamo.  However, we are currently expanding to include authors of other principle-centered works that wish to use Celestine Publishing as another venue to promote their work.  For example, check out Chase Landing’s latest publication,Gods Many & the Lineage of Saviors which presents some interesting perspectives worth considering. The co-authored novel, The Return of Enoch, is another great publication found only through Celestine Publishing.  If you wish to propose a book for publishing or advertising with us, please contact Celestine Publishing with your interest at contact@celestinepublishing.com

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